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is the number of people killed during the siege of Sarajevo - the longest siege in the modern history of warfare. It is a grim record to hold.

The Sarajevo Red Line - 11,541 empty chairs placed on the main street representing the blood of 11,541 victims of the siege.

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You won't know the difference, but it's easy for us to see just looking at the names that victims were members of all nationalities - Bosniaks, Croats, Serbs. Entire families were wiped out.

My camera saves videos as .3gp files, so i don't know if you'll see this. It's under a minute long.

Daily mail online has an article on today's event.
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Three years ago - in July 2008 - I posted the news of Radovan Karadzic's arrest. People celebrated on the streets, and there was a feeling of accomplishment and hope that other war criminals would be caught soon.

Today, at the news of Ratko Mladic's arrest, the feeling is different. There are no revelers outside, people are disillusioned and disappointed in the international community and the fact that it took so long to catch the man, especially since many believe that the Serbian government knew very well where he was this entire time but was unwilling to give him up. When asked how they feel about Mladic's arrest, people shrug their shoulders and say that they doubt the arrest will make any difference. I can't help but share that feeling. It feels like too little, too late.

BBC is just one of many sites covering the story: BBC News - Ratko Mladic arrested, reactions in Bosnia, and the world.

The New York Times has published a profile on Mladic and his actions during the war, titled "Executions Were Mladic’s Signature, and Downfall"

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17 years ago to this day, my family was arrested and taken to a concentration camp, and my dad was taken to the front line to serve as a human shield, and to dig graves for the victims.

Happy Europe Day.
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