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Bloody awesome 3D animation based on John Varley's fantastic Gaea book series, Titan, Wizard, and Demon.

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[personal profile] whatistigerbalm, have you seen the latest addition to The Fairest of the Fair website? It is a video clip full of awesome - an areal shot of Titan! Go watch in full screen!

A short flying thru Titan from Jean-Paul TĂȘtu on Vimeo.

this is a full CG project to see how could look like Titan, the masterpiece of sci-fi writer John Varley.

This is a work in progress and I try to find time and money to continue it, so...

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Oooh, I must do this meme even though I'm really supposed to be in bed!

What book are you currently reading? Is it good so far?

I'm going to start reading "Discworld" soon, but this is what I wanted to post - an excerpt from John Varley's Wizard (and guys, if you ever find this book, READ IT! It has the most romantic love story in the Solar system, between a human male and a Titanide):

Valiha and Chris )

It wouldn't have been fair taking up all this space in [ profile] kayim's journal, and I'm so desperate to share the awesomeness that is "Wizard" that I couldn't resist. I will be linking my answer to her question here.
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