valiha: watercolor painting of my cat Lola (Default) just a rough mockup until such time when I can do it properly. :)

ETA I'm gonna try a couple of different base layouts and see how I can customize them with this header in mind. I find the navlinks and calendar in this layout to be quite frustrating.


Oct. 2nd, 2011 08:25 pm
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I'm going to try uploading an image I want to use as a header to my journal in the future. I altered it digitally just to have an idea how it may look if I did try to paint it myself. It will probably look a bit wonky for a while. :)

ETA: typo
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I'm going to test a few styles from ruthenia-alba on Livejournal, so don't be surprised if my journal looks a bit wonky for the time being.
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We've all seen those horrible (at least to my eyes) monochromatic layouts, or layouts with type so pale you can barely read the text. I've always been more drawn to the more colorful ones, or those with an interesting design feature (bet you were bored by all those tweaks I kept implementing!).

That's why I'm pimping this contest. Although I'm learning, my level of knowledge is still no way near what's necessary to design an LJ layout, so I'm posting a support banner instead.

I don't have the technical skills to make LJ a more visually stimulating place —
but maybe you do!

New layout

Jan. 23rd, 2009 05:23 pm
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I felt like a change was in order, so I changed my layout to a new one. I'll have to work on it a bit, to get the colors the way I want them (they're too pale for my taste), and to get the sidebar a bit more distinctive, but over all I like it. I think I might need to tweak the header a bit too, to make it fit more closely with the new layout. Layout credit: [ profile] unequally / [ profile] introject.

I might do something similar for [ profile] 7men1destiny once we finish the re-watch, to mark the change of that comm too.


Nov. 15th, 2008 01:15 am
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OK, so what do y'all think about the new/old header? I couldn't sleep so I decided to finally just sit down and finish it. Finally something pretty to look at!
I don't think I'll ever be perfectly happy with anything I make, but this one is close.

I just hope my muse stays with me after this!

I'm leaving this public; my NaBlo entries will remain flocked.
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I've decided to do some tweaking on my current layout, most notably to change some colors and add images to the metadata area. I use moods extensively (lots of Ezra!), along with some other information, and wanted to include a background for that area which would give me something interesting to look at in case you don't. What I have up right now is just a crude version which will most likely be changed.

Another thing I had always wanted to include, but never had the time to actually do it, are background images. I was thinking of a lighter color background for the body with some grungy background images for the page, plus something for the sidebar to make it a bit more distinct from the body. The header will need to be reworked, and Mary moved to the left, since I want to have the header menu left aligned with the sidebar now that it's on the left side of the page. I might also include some color for the body/visited links. I'll probably get rid of the world clock, since I'm trying for a retro kind of look, and this futuristic clock doesn't fit in with that concept.

I'm also thinking about making the journal friends only, with graphics public and the few personal posts flocked (not that I think they're that interesting). The main purpose of this journal was posting Mag7 wallpapers, and my lack of time doesn't allow or justify creating a comm for that - I can't even participate in the one I'm a co-maintainer of! :wails: I don't even want to think about how long it's been since I actually made a wallpaper.
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You were already told by [personal profile] quietcontrary that [community profile] 7men1destiny has gone live, and that this is the perfect opportunity to drag lure some new fans to the fandom. 

[profile] _elvie has made two wonderful promotional banners, and I'm entertaining a notion of making a couple of animated ones, if only I weren't so busy!  I did manage to make the header for the community, so let me know if it is displaying OK for you (and whether you like it on not!). 

Sunday is not too far away, so we'll be discussing "Ghosts of the Confederacy" soon.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Font size!

Jul. 3rd, 2008 12:33 pm
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I recently bought a new laptop, a lovely Acer widescreen with lots of hard disk space for my music and photos.  Looking at my recent entries page made me realize how small my default font is.  Lol, what looks fine on a 1024x768 resolution is not very good on a widescreen resolution, so I'm going to increase it. 

On a side note, I'm currently working on getting everything ready for the new Mag7 community, [community profile] 7men1destiny , where we're going to run a Magnificent Seven Re-watch.  There are some glitches I can't figure out, but I'm working on them.  (It's kinda funny that I'm working on this, when my poor header needs to be reworked too!  Still, the community takes precedence.)

Once we're done, we'll make an official announcement and everyone will be free to join.  The more people we have discussing the episodes the better. 

See you all soon!
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This has something to do with the desktop meme. (Before I go further I'm not preaching, or telling you how you should post in your journal. This is just in case you want to stop images stretching it, if that bothers you).

Obviously, these images are all very large, and some of you might be unfamiliar with how to insert an image or do an LJ cut. I know people who don't like cuts and never use them even when they're posting desktop-sized images. I may not like it, but it's done all the time, and really, they do have a right to use their journal however they want to. So, instead of waiting for others to do something about it, why not take care of it yourself?

I used a very simple piece of code which is written for Smooth Sailing, but I believe other themes have something similar. In your css file, find


and paste


right after it. It will give you a vertical scroll bar, returning your page to normal. I don't like it that much, but it seems to be the only thing available so far. I think there's one that enables you to resize images that appear on your friends page without actually affecting them. If I find it, I'll definitely try it out.

New layout!

Apr. 9th, 2008 04:18 pm
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Hey, I've got a new layout! I'm slowly going towards making this journal as "western" as I can get it, and so far I've got little horses for the subject line, and the boys near the entry links. It's gonna take some time setting up the header and the title/subtitle, but I'll get there. I want the header to slowly blend in with the background, so I will be getting rid of the borders around it [even though it looks really neat the way it is now, but that's Ezra for you - he's damn adorable no matter what "package" he's in! ;) ] But leaving it the way it is now would not go well with my header links, which have little bullets when you hover over them. I have this great idea in my head, I just have to find a way to execute it.

It's funny that I feel this creative at this time, which is not so great for me (I must be crazy!), but I'm not able to talk about it now. Once I get a grip on it, I'll probably pour my heart out on (electronic) paper and get it off my chest, but I just can't right now.
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Well, anybody who's been visiting my LJ these past weeks probably noticed some weird things happening to it.  Don't  worry, it was just me, trying to get it to look more like I envisioned, and learning css in the process using a trial-and-error method.  Some of the results were... hmm, interesting ;). 

Plus, I changed my header to one with Ezra.  I will change it a little, to agree with the final look once I figure out ho w to get rid of that extra space above it.  I plan to change the colors, too, and switch images to some of my own.  And the location of my mood pic is driving me crazy at the moment, especially when I have music included in the moods!  The code I've found so far seems to work only on paid accounts.  Any of you know of one that will work on a lowly plus, like mine?

But it all takes time, which I am sorely lacking at the moment...

New Layout

Nov. 19th, 2007 04:08 pm
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I finally managed to make some changes to my journal to make it look a bit more "Old West". I found this layout (called Long Time Running) in [community profile] thefulcrum community, and I thought i was perfect for what I wanted.  Then I made some banners, which I'm going to switch occasionally, and I'm starting with all seven boys.  The next banner is going to be Ezra (obviously), and after that, probably Vin.  I haven't decided how often I'm going to switch between headers, but I was thinking maybe every month (?).  Depends on how long I want to look at a certain banner, I guess! ;)

I'm going to credit the author in my Profile page, and if you're interested in changing the look of your layout, you should look into her other designs.  There is something for everybody there.  Wish I knew how to make some of the things she does! 

Have fun and take care!
DJ Aida
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Well, after trying out various layouts, I finally decided to use this one.  It's the Component layout, with the Jedi Cloak color theme.  I just added my own header, using a code kindly provided by babyelephant in the everything_lj community.  I'm not going to say that I'll never make any changes to my layout, but for now this is it. 
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I've spent the last couple of days editing my journal. It still doesn't look quite the way I'd like it to, but it's getting there. I used a code from and changed a few things, but I yet have to figure out how to get my posts to appear only within the central light brown area. I'd also like to make the text darker, and maybe change the color of the links. 

All in all, I'm satisfied.  I'll now take a look around, maybe make some friends, join some communities.  From what I see, everyone is very nice and I shouldn't have any problems.  Feel free to stop by again! 

DJ Aida signing out
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