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Joining others in the desktop meme posts, here's my current one:

I usually change it each month, and use one of the calendar wallpapers from Smashing Magazine. They currently have calendar wallpapers for June.

They recently had a post about free fonts for your designs, and another one about 50 free icon sets. Those of you who like Star Trek will be especially pleased about the Star Trek icon pack, but the rest are also gorgeous!

ETA to limit picture size.


May. 11th, 2009 10:29 pm
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Right now, this is a holder for a future resources post. I intend to collect all the resources I use here, with a short description of what kind of a resource it is: textures, brushes, fonts etc. For starters, here is a short list of resources I currently use most often:

My resources


Aug. 17th, 2007 02:03 pm
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I just posted a short list of resources to my links list, mostly brushes I use often.  I felt it was important to credit the people whose work I used in creating my own artwork.  I will be expanding the list as I go throught the websites from which I downloaded the brushes, as I didn't always make note of who made them and where I found them.  Most of them are from, but other were found on various places on the net, and some completely by accident, so if I don't have a link to an actual site, I'll just put the name of the brush (author).  Maybe I will find it some day, in which case I will update the links.  In addition to crediting the authors, I want to use this list as a repository of anything I (or others) might find useful in creating our art.  

This is all for now, take care and credit others!
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