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My second NaBloPoMo. This is cutting it close, right?

I have two wallpapers for you tonight. I haven't spent too much time on them, as I just wanted to create something. It took maybe 35 minutes, and I usually spent an hour or more on a single wallpaper.


The Past. Sarah and Adam are important to Chris, so I thought it was time for them to get their own wallpaper.

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Yep, I have finally posted them! Comments are welcome, feel free to download to your computers and share the Mag7 love.

The first one I called First Look, since it is about the first glimpse Vin and JOsiah have of Maude:

More after the cut... )
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These wallpapers were made using the stills I took from the second season of the Magnificent Seven.  A friend of mine went to the UK, and got them for me as a gift!

I don't know if the UK version is any different from the US version.  I think I read somewhere that the back of the DVD has a short sinopsis of each episode - that is absent on my DVD.  If there's someone who has the US version, I'd be willing to upload the scan and compare notes.

On to the wallpapers: I made two so far, one Ezra, and the other one Chris.  

So, here's Ezra:

and Chris:

So, are they cool or what? ;)

Oh, and BTW, there were people who were looking for the color version of that Ezra picture.  Well, here it is, so anybody who wants it, can take it and crop it.  

That's all, folks!
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