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I just found out the hard way how difficult it is to post something on Dreamwidth via an Android phone. I wanted to insert an image, and the floating box kept jumping around. I was not amused. I suppose next time I will have to try and do it via the interface.
valiha: watercolor painting of my cat Lola (Default)
So I'm testing various LJ/DW clients for Android, and so far I've discovered that the official one from LiveJournal is useless. It blinks when I open it and I can't even log in. Bye, Official Client!

The one I used next is called ElJay (I checked), and shows me my friends page (provided I keep the ads on), and a control bar so that I can style my post or link to a webpage or user (LJBeetle does the same). It also enables me to use different servers - LJ, DW, Insane Journal etc. That's actually pretty neat!

Trouble is, can't add tags that don't already exist or it crashes - I don't know why. Also, turns out that posting to different sites is not as easy as it seemed: it crashed twice when I tried to switch from LJ to DW. :( Let me try to see if I can add mood and music.

Nope, it crashes. Let's see if the same is true with this one.

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