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Working hard on finishing the renovation; we're all ded tired, and we may be coming down with a cold. It's no wonder, considering the crazy weather lately - unbearable heat followed by freezing cold, and all the cleaning we're doing. But it looks great, and the extra insulation will mean lower heating bills, and the walls are nice and white now and everything's clean and sparkly. No money for new furniture, unfortunately.

I've got my computer hooked up now, ad it's a new computer, bought just a month before the renovation started because my old one finally gave up the ghost. My monitor is also new - and huuuge! widescreen, and almost 23" - but it was an unexpected expense and I was happy with the old 19" one but it too broke down just days into the renovation :) and I was in the middle of a translation o_O. They only had models 22" and up, and I had to get one right away. It's great having a monitor that big, I must admit. Can't wait to see how movies look on it!
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I must have the worst luck in the world. My vacation plans for this year were totally ruined by summer school and retake exams, and after that was taken care of, my back started acting up. Again. Twice in as many months. I was incapacitated for days. The worst thing is that I get the feeling that my doctor, and quite a few of my family member, don't believe that I'm actually in pain. I just returned from my home town, and I will attempt (again) to convince my doctor to send me in for some tests.

Like my plans for a shiny vacation, my plan to participate in naarmamo failed utterly. :facepalm: I guess I'll try again next year. :sigh:

[Lotsa cuts cause I previewed this thing and it was LONG! ]

Some good things: couple of weeks ago I came across Firefly and fell head over heels in love.  )

And then I discovered Castle. )

Free albums! )
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My laptop has to go back to the shop for some repairs!!  It keeps overheating and turning off when I need it most!  That means that I can't use it at the Uni, and I can't make any wallpapers and banners I promised for the next -- who knows how many days!!  

They said they have no idea how much time the repair's going to take, but if it's over 40 days they'll give me a new one.  I don't want another one!  It won't have all the programs I use.  I'll have to install everything from scratch!!  Right now, I'm backing up all my school docs - tests, quizes, exams - and all my pretty pictures of the boys and all the fanfic!!

I'll see if I can finish the last two banner tonight; I'd hate to see you have to wait that long. 
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