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...with my entries. I have now developed a fear that I will not be able to finish them in time, since I have 40 tests to mark, deal with preparing everything for book orders for the next semester, and to finish some translation projects I'm working on. Clearly, I am insane for taking on so many projects at the same time...
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Just a quick note to let you know that I'll be attending the Interliber Book Fair in Zagreb for the next three days, and I don't know if I'll have access to a computer. I'm meeting some publishers to discuss possible new textbooks for our students. It doesn't hurt that there will be loads and loads of BOOKS! around.

There goes my plan of making one wallpaper for each day of NaBloPoMo. :(

I still have some WiPs going, though.
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I'm very happy to present a project I took part in several years ago.  It is a book on Traditional arts and crafts in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The project was conducted as a part of the UNESCO's effort to catalog many interesting arts and crafts, some of which were becoming very rare or extinct.  I worked closely with the project photographer, Norbert Heyl as his interpreter and assistant, and we traveled a great deal of Bosnia and Herzegovina in our research.  

Once the project was finished, it was planned that each participant would get a hard copy of the book, but the funds were scarce so we received a .pdf version.  I had mentioned the book to [ profile] pezgirl7  and she expressed the desire to see it.  I agreed, and said I'd send it to her ASAP, and decided to check on what's going on with the book.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that it had been made available online!  

I'd be happy if you decided to download the book and spend some time glancing at the photos, and in order to show you what's there, I'll include this picture: 


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