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The artwork I did for [ profile] caitriona_3's entry for the [ profile] mag7bigbang was posted in the comm as well as on her writing journal, [ profile] fancy_flights, so I feel I can post the artwork itself here too.

Below you can see the artwork. :) (Click for a full sized view.)

The drawing represents Three Great Figures that appear in her story - Lord Death, Mother Nature, and Father Time. [Wall o' text coming. :)]

  • Lord Death was the easiest to do, I think, since I didn't have to worry about his facial features. :) His figure was also easier since it was mostly covered in robes that gave a suggestion of his shape. It was fun using several colors to indicate many folds in his robes. It is recommended to build up black from several darker shades as using just black leaves you with a flat drawing. I don't know if I managed to avoid that. I had too look far and wide for the right kind of scythe I wanted to use. In the end, I managed to find a good reference, and copied the blade. The handle was easy to do using a ruler.

  • Mother Nature came next. For her, I had to rely on reference photos and gridding extensively. I don't know if I managed to convey a darker skin color for her, as that is how I imagine Mother Nature. As for her eyes, they are described as changing color, and this I tried to show with coloring one eye green, the other one blue. I don't know if you can see this, as scanning color pencil is notoriously difficult. (I have a larger version that's not as cleaned up as this that I can post on request if you want to see.) For her robes, I wanted to use dark blue for the outer robes to represent the night sky, and I also wanted to have sparkles to stand in for the stars, but I'm afraid that was quite out of my league. Perhaps I'll do an edit and introduce some sparkle in a photo editing program! :) Looking at her dress, perhaps I should have used another color instead of pink, maybe another shade of green or blue, but I kept thinking about mother-of-pearl and how it was hidden away in a shell and quite beautiful, which is also another way I look at this grand figure of Mother Nature - she can be quite hard on the outside, but vulnerable and beautiful on the inside. In spite of using a grid to get an accurate drawing of Mother Nature, I still feel that it's not quite right.

  • That is I think especially evident in Father Time and his robe. I have a feeling that it's quite off, but can't put my finger on what's off about it, exactly. Maybe I didn't get the folds correctly? :squints at him: In any case, he is different from mother Nature in that he's quite pale, translucent maybe, and I tried to present the idea that time is transient. He's described in the story as both young and old, so I tried to represent that with gray hair and beard, youthful face but with some wrinkles on the right side of his face. ETA: I forgot to say that I used the infinity symbol as decoration for his robes. I was just reminded of this because my sis sent me an image of a gorgeous necklace with an infinity symbol.
  • No background, I'm sorry to say. :) I also wanted to illustrate a few key points in the story, but the amount of work and school obligations really limited the time I was able to dedicate to this BigBang, so in the end I only did the cover.
Comments and critique are welcomed ad appreciated. :)
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Come and join [profile] mag7bigbang,
Sign-ups start July 18th.

My co-mod sparrowsverse has just posted a reminder about the fact that in two weeks sign-ups for authors and fanartists/fanmixers will be closed. If you know anybody still interested in signing up, please send them to the comm! She also noted that one week after the sign-ups close will be the halfway point check in, November 04/11, so make sure to check your word count and try to get it up to the required amount.

I'd like to note that we've had one author request a beta here, and that there's still very few artists/fanmixers compared to the authors, so this is also a call for those of you who are artistically inclined and have a great taste in music to come and join us! The sign-ups are here.
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Here is the book cover and the banners I made for the Magnificent Seven Big Bang, the first for our fandom. They were made for [ profile] grachonok, for her ATF AU story of how the Seven got formed into a team, "Finding the Rainbow", Part One and Two.

The book cover, with Judge Travis and ATF SAC Chris Larabee:

Textures for all images from Hybrid Genesis at [ profile] hgx, and the folders and rainbow from a Google search.

The banners - Chris with...  )
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This is something I should have done as soon as the posting for the first Magnificent Seven Big Bang started, but I've been too busy with work and the comm to do so.

I hereby announce that [ profile] mag7bigbang is now posting fiction and art written and created in the Magnificent Seven fandom, in different AUs: Old West, ATF, and Star Trek universes. Both the authors and the artists did a great job, and I hope we'll be able to hold this Big Bang again next year. I also hope we'll have many more participants next year. Enjoy!
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...with my entry for the Magnificent Seven Big Bang. :) Trouble is, I keep fiddling with it, and having doubts that the recipient is going to like it. Every one in a while I get the urge to scrap the whole thing and start over again - which is not a good idea seeing as posting is only a couple of weeks away. O_O
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This is just a reminder to let you know that all completed stories and art/vids are due on October 31st, and that posting will begin on November 7th. The participants who submit their entries on time will receive a "Successful participant" badge.

There is an extension for those who needed some extra time to finish their entries, which is November 14th. The participants who submit their entries then will receive an "Honorable mention" badge.
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I must have the worst luck in the world. My vacation plans for this year were totally ruined by summer school and retake exams, and after that was taken care of, my back started acting up. Again. Twice in as many months. I was incapacitated for days. The worst thing is that I get the feeling that my doctor, and quite a few of my family member, don't believe that I'm actually in pain. I just returned from my home town, and I will attempt (again) to convince my doctor to send me in for some tests.

Like my plans for a shiny vacation, my plan to participate in naarmamo failed utterly. :facepalm: I guess I'll try again next year. :sigh:

[Lotsa cuts cause I previewed this thing and it was LONG! ]

Some good things: couple of weeks ago I came across Firefly and fell head over heels in love.  )

And then I discovered Castle. )

Free albums! )
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Come and join [ profile] mag7bigbang ,
Writer Sign-ups close Aug. 08/10.

We also need a lot more artists than we have, so please think about participating.
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This is a call for artists to join the

There are already a number of writers who are going to participate in the Big Bang, but so far we only have one artist. If you are interested in the Magnificent Seven in the original Old West setting or the AUs based on it, whether historical, modern or future, or if you are willing to try your hand at a new fandom, check the 2010 Timeline, and the sign up post for artists, which ends on August 22nd. All art forms are welcome.

Much obliged!
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Come and join [ profile] mag7bigbang,
Sign-ups start July 4th.

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