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:sigh: My poor Dreamwith... I think I'll have to change my theme, at least until I manage to upload my images to another host. But most of them don't seem to fit... :goes back to searching:
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I just found out the hard way how difficult it is to post something on Dreamwidth via an Android phone. I wanted to insert an image, and the floating box kept jumping around. I was not amused. I suppose next time I will have to try and do it via the interface.


Jan. 8th, 2012 03:41 pm
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I renamed my LJ yesterday, and am thinking about renaming this one too. That would include retiring my default icon too, since it would no longer be relevant to my intended username. For the time being, I will use the pink ribbon as my default.
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So there was talk some time ago about posting more in our native language on Dreamwidth, and I was all set to do just that, when we had to start renovation on our apartment. I had promised [personal profile] whatistigerbalm  to post some translations of Mak Dizdar's poetry, mostly translated by a friend and former professor of mine, Colleen B. London.

I'm going to post one poem today, The Deep Blue River along with its translation into English. I'll try to do it so it's side by side, so let me know if it turns out wonky for whatever reason. A few more poems will (hopefully) be posted in the next couple of days.

Modra rijeka        
(Mak Dizdar)

Nitko ne zna gdje je ona
Malo znamo al’ je znano
Iza gora iza dola
Iza sedam iza osam
I još huđe, I još luđe
Preko mornih, preko gorkih
Preko gloga, preko drače
Preko žege, preko stege
Preko slutnje, preko sumnje
Iza devet, iza deset
I još dublje i još jače
Iza šutnje, iza tmače
Gdje pjetlovi ne pjevaju
Gdje se ne zna za glas roga
I još huđe i još luđe
iza uma iza Boga
Ima jedna modra rijeka
široka je duboka jest.
Sto godina široka je
Tisuć ljet duboka je.
O duljini i ne sanjaj
Tma i tmuša neprebolna.
Ima jedna modra rijeka
Ima jedna modra rijeka.
Valja nama preko rijeke.   
The Deep Blue River
(translation by Colleen B. London)

There is no-one who knows where this place is
We know only there is this place where
Behind the mountains, beyond the valleys
After seven or more than eight
Even worse and even harder
Tougher, steeper, even farther
Thru the hawthorns, thru the brambles
Thru the drought and thru the torture
Past suspicion, past hesitation
After nine or more than ten
Then still deeper and even stronger
Beyond the silence, beyond the darkness
Where there is no song of rooster
Where there is no sound of horn
And even worse, and even farther
Beyond the mind and God the Father
There exists a deep blue river
It is wide and it is deep.
A hundred years it is in width
And a thousand in its depth.
For its length you can’t imagine –
Gloom and darkness agonizing.
There exists a deep blue river
There exists a deep blue river.
We shall have to cross the river. 

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Is thre a way to expand comments on DW without having the thread go to a new... subpage, I guess I would call it? I don't know the correct terminology. I can do that on LJ, but can't remember whether it is because it's native to LJ or because of the LJ Addon I have. itis really tiresome following a conversation, then having to click to thread this, reading those comments and then clicking back. I would basically like to have comments unfold on the current page. Or is it maybe a paid account feature?

DW Nifty

Jun. 10th, 2010 10:57 pm
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There's a great comm on Dreamwidth called dw_nifty, where users post advice on how to achieve an effect on Dreamwidth. For example, it is now possible to uncut an entry without using any addons (such as for example LiveJournalAddons) because the uncut code is now a part of Dreamwidth style. Someone just posted css code for styling cuttag-open by applying borders and/or background, margins etc. I love it!

In other news, I just made myself a barcode icon for Dreamwidth which I will be using when crossposting to LJ. The code for the generator I also found on dw_nifty: [personal profile] pne's Dreamwidth barcode maker.
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Posting with tags, mood, location and music to see how they're handled.
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Just to let you know that although it's already into it's second week, I'll be creating some manips for Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, so if you want to see them, you can do that over there (same user name). Once the fest is up, I'll crosspost them here, so if you don't feel like checking Dreamwidth out, wait a couple of weeks and they'll appear here as well. I've already got three made! :iz happy:

While I don't indent to move, I would like to actually start using Dreamwidth, and this seems like the perfect opportunity.

Short intro

May. 2nd, 2009 10:04 pm
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Well, here I am. I'll look around, see who else I might know is here and decide what to use this account for.

See you later!
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