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So I find myself with two AO3 invites. If you know someone who is in need of an account, let them know, will you? I'll be happy to share them.
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Does anyone happen to know when searching to exclude will be available on AO3? Last time I asked about it was in September, and have been using the method linked to me by [personal profile] kayim to apply the filter to get only what I'm after? Has anyone tried anything similar? 

ETA OK so half of my post got eaten, and I had included an example of what I was trying to do: 

I'm predominantly a gen reader, but sometimes I do want toread a pairing fic, in which case I usually want the fic to concentrate on just that one pairing. So how do I search just for John Doe/Jane Doe and not John Doe/Jane Doe plus John Doe/Mary Sue and John Doe/Gary Stu?
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Anyone knows how to do a search on AO3 that excludes some tags?
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