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Finally, after it's been rescheduled many times and almost drove me mad, I passed my latest exam!


:does a little happy dance:
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I took one of my more difficult exams yesterday, the one I was having nightmares over. It wasn't even that I didn't like it, because it is a very interesting course, covering the history and importance of libraries from the Sumerian times all the way to the present, with emphasis on libraries of my country. It's simply the fact that there were so. many. facts to learn, and I've got an insane schedule. But now that it's over, I find myself wanting to continue exploring the topic. I might have to leave it for the winter break though, as I have other exams to prepare. Wish me luck!
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Yesterday I got my laptop back, which means I will now be able to finish my last banner. Once I do that, I'll post all four of them here.

First, fannish happy-happy thoughts: )

Now, personal joy-joy feelings: )

I figured I should put this behind a cut since it got kinda long...

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