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I know I'm posting a lot, but things just keep cropping up. Would some kind soul check to see whether the site is as slow to them as it is to me? It loads and it loads and I don't know what I did, or what to do to make it faster.

I might ask for more testing down the road, sorry. :(
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I have been fiddling with Joomla for the most part of this day when I should have been doing something else entirely. It is driving me effing crazy.

I'm usually quite good at following examples, and figuring what I need to do to get something going. But this bloody thing has me stumped. I apparently changed something somewhere in one of the modules, and for the life of me can't figure out what it was, or how to change it back. I've been going over documentation, reading the posts at the forums, and googling for answers, but I cannot find one piece of advice that would apply to my situation.

The template I liked is here and it's a template I was going to use for the mag7 site, after I changed the images (since the layout seems very close to my original site). However, after installing that and two other templates, I changed something to make another template closer to the preview image, but when I went back to this one, everything was broken. The green header area was completely gone, and I couldn't get it back no matter what I tried. I deleted all articles and categories in a true fit of rage (haven't had those in a long, long time. It felt cathartic.) but that of course didn't solve my problem. It probably even made it worse.

Is there anyone out there who has any experience with this blasted thing? I'm sure it works great once you set it up, I just can't figure out how to get it to that point.
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This morning, when I tried to open my website control panel to make some changes, I found the whole thing gone. Some googling a while later and I discovered that some users abused the service and the ISP shut it down with no warning, taking all the websites and data there down. It came as a shock to the host owner who wasn't notified either.

This means that I will have to correct all the links that show my website as to, another host I was trying out but didn't like as well as ATBHost. Even though I'm a complete noob, the owner and the people on the forum always treated me with respect, and patiently explained everything I didn't understand. I'm sorry to see it go due to disrespects and abuse by some of the hostees. Shame.

If you linked to me somewhere using my domain, (I lost that too!) can you please change it to Thank you; and I'll crosspost this to groups I'm a member of.
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I've been working on my website these past couple of days, and setting up a blog I could use to post my new attempts at drawing. Since both hosts I'm testing have a WordPress installer, I thought, What the heck, and went with it. While the website looks the same at both locations, the blog does not. I only had time to upload my three drawings on one of them, DJ Aida's Corner. Feel free to look around and leave comments if it suits you.

I'm also working on new wallpapers. I can't post them yet, because they're unfinished and I have a seminar paper and then an exam to take care of, but as soon as that's out of the way, you'll be seeing some regular activity here. I can hardly wait!

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My website,, is no more. My year of free hosting has expired, and I will be moving my files to another free host shortly. I did find a temporary solution (which might become permanent depending on the quality of their servers) at [kick ass name, innit? ;)], so if you had me linked, please change the address.

I will let you know if it changes again. Sorry if this is an inconvenience for you.

I would appreciate you going over and checking to see if everything's working properly: if all the wallpapers are transferred and all the links pointing to the right locations. I also have a poll on the home page about the new look of the site which I'd love to test, so if you're feeling inclined, go for it.

Much obliged!

ETA I'm testing another host, From what I could tell, this one has excellent forum feedback and people willing to help. I had some trouble logging in and they went out of their way to help. There's also a possibility of getting my own domain for participating in the forum, which shouldn't be difficult.

I'm inclined to go with them, but will have to wait and see how the domain situation turns out.

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I'm working on redesigning my website. It should be live within a day or so, so I would appreciate it if you would take a look and tell me if it looks fine on both 1024x768 and higher resolutions.

I was going for a more grungy, rustic look, and I think I came close. There were some glitches that popped up occasionally, but I think I caught them all. At least I think so.

::shameless plug:: Also, if you're thinking about getting a website, I would recommend hosting it with Traverse Global Web Hosting, which is a highly professional web hosting service. I received a year of free hosting from them in return for advertising, and if I can get someone else to sign up, I get another one. ^_^ ::end shameless plug::

And honestly, I have only praise for them; even though I'm not paying them, they've always answered my questions promptly and helped with setting up my site.

I intend to keep myself busy - which shouldn't be difficult since I have a seminar paper to present on Saturday, and I'm itching to make some wallpapers.

You should expect some activity on this journal soon.
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I'd like to inform anyone interested in my wallpapers that I have permanently moved all my pages and wallpapers to a new server at 

If you had bookmarked my site at its old address,, please change your bookmarks.  I've inserted a redirect code on my former home page, and deleted all content - text and images. 

I am also looking for people interested in exchanging links in an effort to make my new site visible to Google.  Right now, searching for Magnificent Seven Wallpapers still brings up my old page.  You can find html code for my banner on the Links page, if you're interested in putting up a banner on your page.  Feel free to send me yours as well, or let me know that you'd like me to include a link to your web page or blog. 

Finally, when you visit the new page, take a few moments to send me your opinion about it using the Contact button.  Let me know if something's not working right, or if there are things you'd like to see.  I am still working on it, and would love to know what you think about it. 

Thank you in advance, and all the best!
DJ Aida
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