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Title: Inktober Week 3 Summary
Artist: [personal profile] mific 
Rating: G
Fandoms: SGA and Captain America
Characters/Pairings: Teyla Emmagan, teenage Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Ronon Dex, Bucky Barnes
Content Notes: I decided to try inking watercolour techniques rather than pencil sketches this week, using black watercolour paint as ink (and white watercolour paint in the Ronon one because I suck at leaving blank paper as my white areas). The three SGA ones were also done for the "Supernatural" prompt at the [community profile] whatif_au  comm, and the Bucky one was inspired by a pic of a raven on tumblr. That one I inked with a brush, as I hadn't tried that before - the SGA ones were inked with markers. So, fun to test out some new techniques, but I suck at doing smaller, more manageable works - they always get away on me - but I managed four pieces this past week. 

Teyla, Witch of Athos Boys in the Wood Moving Atlantis The Raven Lord

Challenge #9: Inktober - Week 3

Oct. 22nd, 2017 05:24 pm
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Title: Inktober - Week 3
Artist: [personal profile] goss
Rating: G
Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra, Firefly, Aquaman (DCU), Mad Max: Fury Road
Characters/Pairings: Korra, Serenity, Aquaman, Imperator Furiosa
Content Notes: For the third week, I decided to try India ink and brush. I checked out a whole bunch of really helpful tutorials on YouTube, and managed to produce 4 pieces this week. In the final piece, I overlaid acrylic paint with the India ink.

I found that unlike watercolour, India Ink has a certain density about it, that gives a gorgeous matte finish when applied heavily, but also makes it far more difficult to lift off the page once it's been applied. I have had the best time looking at vids and trying out the ink drop technique. What a cool effect! :)


Day 17 - Graceful
Legend of Korra
Day 19 - Cloud
Day 20 - Deep
Aquaman (DCU)
Day 21 - Furious
Mad Max: Fury Road

(Click images for larger artwork at my journal)

Crime & Detectives Comm

Oct. 22nd, 2017 08:07 pm
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[community profile] mystery_mansion: a comm for all fictional mystery, crime and detective-related fandoms (in whatever medium). News, reviews, discussion, links, promotions, fests, fanworks of all kinds etc. etc.

(no subject)

Oct. 22nd, 2017 08:08 pm
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Title: Inktober - Days 16-22
Artist[personal profile] jainas 
Rating: PG
Fandom: Discworld by Terry Pratchett and Toy Story (both in a very roundabout way), classical french poetry, original art
Characters: none
Content Notes: I was a day late for most of the end of the week, as I was very tired. But thinking about my inktober, planning my quotes and doing the drawings kept me going during a few difficult days.
Plenty of animals this week, a few fumbles with text placements, one major offence to Victor Hugo, and I started reusing some technics.
Next week I will try illustrating more scenes from books.

Also I'm meeting my one of my favorite authors in November : Guy Gavriel Kay, and the day I will see him will be his birthday, so I'm kinda planning to draw a scene from one of his book and give it to him...

Only I don't know what book and what quote, and what if the drawing isn't good enough?
I'm very stressed! >_<

 Inktober 2017: days 16-22

a family's choice

Oct. 22nd, 2017 06:24 pm
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Title: a family's choice ao3 dw
Rating: pg-13
Pairing(s)/Characters: barty crouch, mrs crouch, barty crouch junior
Word Count/ Art Medium: 806
Warnings (if any): n/a
Disclaimer: i own nothing.
Summary: His wife is dying and pleads with Barty to allow her to save their son. He is adamant that Junior did wrong and he has a duty to keep his son in prison.
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Hello, [personal profile] kayim,

Hope you had a fabulous birthday and Pegasus was inspired to create a few icons for you.

Below are seven Killjoys D'avin Jaqobis icons for you.

All Icons this way )

Thank You!

Oct. 18th, 2017 05:43 pm
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Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive, October 12-18, 2017

However you took part in #otwdonate, thank you for getting us started on our next 10 years! We've got some numbers for you about how this membership drive turned out: https://goo.gl/SMZamk

العربيةBahasa IndonesiaবাংলাČeštinaCymraegdanskDeutschΕλληνικάEnglishespañolfrançaisitalianoעבריתmagyarमराठीNederlandsnorskpolskiportuguês brasileiroportuguês europeuRomânăРусскийsuomisvenskaTiếng Việt

2x8. Pyre

Oct. 18th, 2017 12:16 pm
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~ Official Site

Episode 2x8

Episode Summary )

Three things:
1) The SyFy Episode Recap
2) Exploring The Expanse: the series’s latest arc covers a refugee crisis with painful real-world connections
3) Shifting Loyalties on The Expanse 'Pyre' Review

Please share your thoughts about the episode in the comments.
Some possible topics (but please share anything):
- What were your thoughts about the episode(s)?
- What do you think of Prax?
- How do you feel about the treatment of the refugees from Ganymede? Does it alter your opinion about anything real-world?

Episode list )

Don't forget to note any SPOILERS for upcoming episodes in the comment subject line for anyone who's watching along for the first time.

It's a BOO-tiful day!

Oct. 17th, 2017 07:01 pm
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Hello Mag7 Fandom!  It's *finally* FALL! )


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Title: To the Bone
Author: Tarlan ([personal profile] tarlanx)
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven (TV)
Pairing/Characters: Chris/Vin
Rating/Category: PG13 Slash
Word Count: 1762
Spoilers: None
Summary: It was a dark and stormy night, late in the Fall, at a time when the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest.
Notes/Warnings: None

Written for [community profile] hc_bingo Round 8: Haunted, [community profile] trope_bingo Round 9: Bodyswap, and [community profile] mag7bingo 2017: Bodyswap

On AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12392517
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Title: Greenhorn
Characters: JD and Buck
Rating/Category: GEN
Word Count: 100
Notes/Warnings: Prompt: JD and Buck: Partners

When the kid jumped off that stagecoach Buck hadn't expected to give a damn. He didn't have time for a greenhorn who had learned all he knew about the Frontier from dime store novels. But women and kids had always been a soft spot for him so maybe he should have figured he'd end up taking JD under his wing. Hell, he nearly died protecting the kid and bore the scar from the Colonel's sword that almost cut him down for good. It took a few years but the kid was now a man, and he made a fine partner.


Title: Twilight Years
Characters: Nettie
Rating/Category: GEN
Word Count: 100
Notes/Warnings: Prompt: Nettie: Alone for too long

There had been a boy. She'd been sweet on him and he'd come a-courting, bringing her wild flowers. She decided he was the only boy she'd ever marry and they set a date for the wedding. He died just two weeks before the day, thrown from a horse when a rattler sent it spooking. Another man came a-courting a few years later but he couldn't measure up to her first great love.

Now she was in her twilight years, alone, and as she looked back she wondered if she'd been just a little too quick to dismiss him.


Title: Natural
Characters: Vin and JD
Rating/Category: GEN
Word Count: 100
Notes/Warnings: Prompt: Vin and JD: Horse riding

Vin considered himself a good rider. He'd been taught on Indian ponies, riding bareback for the most part until he left the village and rejoined the white man's world, and saddled up. When JD arrived in town all he carried apart from a suitcase was a saddle. He said he could ride and he proved himself real quick, able to handle any terrain with ease. JD was a natural, knowing how to get the best out of a horse without resorting to spurs or whips. If Chris ever got himself that horse ranch, JD would also have a place there.


Title: Enough to Forgive
Characters: Casey
Rating/Category: GEN
Word Count: 100
Notes/Warnings: Prompt: Casey: Stronger than she looks

She lost her parents young, turning up on her Aunt Nettie's doorstep with a chest filled with clothing and personal possessions, scared and alone. Perhaps she needed Nettie's gruffness, her indomitable spirit, and fiery independence, using her aunt as a role model as she started a new life out West. With no men around she learned pretty quick how to do all the heavy chores, leaving behind the pretty dresses that were useless when doing man's work. By the time she met JD she was as fiery and as independent as Nettie, and strong enough to forgive JD for Maddie.


Title: Pedestal
Characters: JD and Chris
Rating/Category: GEN
Word Count: 100
Notes/Warnings: Prompt: JD and Chris: Hero worship

Chris had seen the hero worship in JD's eyes from when they first met, saving Nathan from a hanging. He knew the kid was romanticizing him like a character from one of his books, putting him high on a pedestal. Chris knew he was fast and deadly with a gun, and he knew JD wanted to emulate him. Yet no matter how often Chris tried to tell him different, he knew in the end JD had to figure it out for himself. When the truth finally dawned, Chris hoped he didn't fall too far off that pedestal in JD's eyes.


Title: Simply the Best
Characters: JD
Rating/Category: GEN
Word Count: 100
Notes/Warnings: Prompt: JD: Better than everyone else

When he arrived in the town he was full of romantic ideas of life out West. He wanted to be the best so he practiced knife throwing like Nathan only to lose out to a girl, became faster and more accurate with a gun like Chris and Buck but never fast enough. He tried to shoot a rifle like Vin but couldn't always make the shot. He tried to drink whiskey like Josiah but found it disgusting, play cards like Ezra and lost every time. Maybe he'd never be better than everyone else... but he was the best horse rider.

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Title: Belief
Characters: Rain
Rating/Category: GEN
Word Count: 100
Notes/Warnings: Prompt: Rain: Belief

Rain believed in the goodness of others but not to the point where she blindly accepted a stranger into the lives of her people without having a knife to hand, ready to protect them if that person turned out bad. She believed the Spirits of the Ancestors would provide for her people, just as they had given them all a safe haven in the village. Her belief was rewarded when seven good men rode in and saved them.

When she found Nathan hanging upside-down in one of her traps, she discovered she also believed in love at first sight.


Title: Valuable Lesson
Characters: JD
Rating/Category: GEN
Word Count: 100
Notes/Warnings: Prompt: JD: Taught a lesson

He thought he was all grown up, often getting riled when Buck treated him like a kid. He was a man. Yet when Maddie dragged him into the livery, determined to show him a good time, JD felt so out of his depth, so young and afraid. He was almost grateful Casey walked in on them, apart from having her mad at him. He tried to explain it to Maddie later only to realize too late that he was nothing to her. It took getting shot to figure out why he hadn't wanted her. He was in love with Casey.


Title: Rescue
Characters: Vin and Nathan
Rating/Category: GEN
Word Count: 200 (double drabble)
Notes/Warnings: Prompt: Vin and Nathan: Staying hidden

Nathan and Vin dropped down behind a boulder, breathing heavily from the exertion of running and dodging as they moved from cover to cover. So far the Greely Gang hadn't spotted them, focusing instead on Chris and the others who were trying to keep them pinned down and occupied. The Seven had the Greely Gang caught between them now, and Vin had a good shot of one of the men but knew he couldn't take it until they had freed the two women taken hostage by the gang. He and Nathan were both light on their feet, crossing the final piece of open ground swiftly while a volley of gunshots from Chris and the others kept the gang distracted. He watched as Nathan shushed the women, releasing their bonds, before quietly guiding them to safe place. Nathan ordered them to keep low, and to stay silent and well hidden.

Once Nathan was sure they would be safe from flying bullets he gave Vin a wide smile and nodded. It was time to join the fight, and with a whoop of delight, Vin took his first shot, bringing down one of the gang that had been creeping slowly up on Chris.


Title: Silence
Characters: Nathan and Vin
Rating/Category: GEN
Word Count: 100
Notes/Warnings: Prompt: Nathan and Vin: Silence

Neither of them talked much about their past, preferring to share only when the whiskey had loosened their tongues and the words seemed necessary. They kept their secrets, hiding in the silence found in pockets around the crowded, noisy saloon. They listened to Ezra's tall tales as he distracted his opponents at the card table; to Josiah's sermons as he preached to those too drunk to care about the sin of debauchery, to JD's inane chatter, and Buck's reminiscing of the women he had loved. And when Chris grew broody, lost in his dark past, they kept his silence too.


Title: Fire and Brimstone
Characters: Josiah and Vin
Rating/Category: GEN
Word Count: 100
Notes/Warnings: Prompt: Josiah and Vin: The Bible

Vin wasn't against religion. He recalled his Ma had a Bible, one of those large family heirlooms but it must have been sold off around the same time she died from putrid fever. Vin guessed he should be surprised he wasn't sold off too, though he did get handed around from stranger to stranger until he found a home with the The People. They had their beliefs and Josiah wasn't one to mock or cry damnation. Instead he'd sit with Vin, helping him learn to read by opening passages from the Bible. Fire and Brimstone. It was a good story.


inktober: week 2

Oct. 15th, 2017 11:48 pm
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Title: inktober: week 2
Artist: syntheid
Rating: G? PG? There is a dead bird in one of them, but it's not particularly gorey or anything.
Fandom: n/a
Characters/Pairings: original
Content Notes: Aforementioned dead bird is... I think the main thing? More ink washes, dramatic shadows, referenced studies, and experimenting.

Post on my journal.

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