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:hugs Nathan:

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So I've been working on my [ profile] m7land character poster for the past few days, but haven't been able to concentrate on it much. We've all been waiting to hear about whether the president of our university would be extradited to Serbia on false accusations of war crimes. Not surprisingly, all charges were dropped and he returned home yesterday. The case had already been reviewed and dismissed by the Hague Tribunal, and now the UK judge in charge of the proceedings, a District Judge Timothy Workman, ruled the same, stating that: "These proceedings are brought and are being used for political purposes and as such amount to an abuse of process of this court." My colleagues who were present report that the Serbian prosecutors were dressed down by the judge for wasting the British taxpayers' time and money. The cost of the trial was estimated to be several hundred thousand pounds.

I finally finished the poster this evening, unfortunately too late to qualify for the challenge, so I'm posting it here instead. I created it to look somewhat like a movie poster, and I had to take screencaps myself, since there are very few good Nathan screencaps out there.

This is something I feel should be rectified, and once I find the time, I will try to upload at least some of the screencaps I took.
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Dear all, 

I made two more wallpapers of  my favorite Mag7 boys, one of my BrigaDear General and his confrontation with Nathan in "Working Girls", 

and the other about Vin, called "Lonesome rider"


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Well, I've finally finished my Animal series for the boys.  It was difficult to decide which animal to use for Nathan Jackson, but I finally settled on raven, suggested by wolfandboarfics.  So, here it is - and I hope you'll like it as much as you liked the other ones; he certainly gave me a headache!

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