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Does anyone know where I might find a screencap of Josiah hearing Ma Nichols' confession because he's the only preacher around in town? I need it for reference purposes.
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So I've been thinking about how there are people out there who make Magnificent Seven icons, but there are very few who also create larger sized graphics, such as banners/headers, collages and wallpapers.

The recent BigBang showed that very clearly. We had to open up artist sign ups for people who were participating as writers, and then on top of that, have the artists create art for two writers. All of them rose to the occasion, but it wasn't an easy task. I'd like to see more artists participate in the next BigBang - which we will hopefully have. (I'd also like to see fanmixers, but that's a whole 'nother topic.)

For that purpose I've created a comm, mag7wallpapers, and I'd like to invite all Mag7 fanartists to think about expanding to larger sized graphics - not necessarily wallpapers - and start posting in the comm. I intend to eventually post all my graphics there, to have them all in one location on Dreamwidth. There's nothing much there at the moment, but you're more than welcome to join. :)


Oct. 27th, 2010 10:59 pm
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OMG! Lookit - so shiny!

Firefly keychain

Have I told you guys how much my brain's been taken over by Firefly? No? It's gotten to the point where I'm checking Amazon and Alibris to see if I can find more Firefly memorabilia - I bought the two companion books, the "Still Flying" book which has some extra stories, "Finding Serenity" and "Serenity Found" books of essays, and now I'm waiting for the price to drop for the Serenity companion, and Serenity DVD. I've already got the show.

I've been incredibly lucky in that I've been able to find most of these books really cheap, most on Alibris, and most second-hand, but really well-kept. You can tell they've been well-treated, probably by a fan. The companion books were new, from Amazon, but I got them on sale. (And by the way, if you ever need any out of print or older books, or new/used reasonably priced books, I totally recommend Alibris - that's where I found most of my textbooks.)

I don't really feel the need to create anything for the show, just watch and read about it, but I'm sure that will change. I still have several Mag7 project, all of them simultaneous - which is not a very good idea, but I can't seem to help myself. It'll just take me some time to finish them all. It just pisses me off that I can't find any good images of Rick Worthy, Andrew Kavovit and Ron Perlman which can serve for ATF manips! If any of you know about some good resources for these three, point me to it, willya? I'd be much obliged.
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I must have the worst luck in the world. My vacation plans for this year were totally ruined by summer school and retake exams, and after that was taken care of, my back started acting up. Again. Twice in as many months. I was incapacitated for days. The worst thing is that I get the feeling that my doctor, and quite a few of my family member, don't believe that I'm actually in pain. I just returned from my home town, and I will attempt (again) to convince my doctor to send me in for some tests.

Like my plans for a shiny vacation, my plan to participate in naarmamo failed utterly. :facepalm: I guess I'll try again next year. :sigh:

[Lotsa cuts cause I previewed this thing and it was LONG! ]

Some good things: couple of weeks ago I came across Firefly and fell head over heels in love.  )

And then I discovered Castle. )

Free albums! )
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:hugs Nathan:

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So I've been working on my [ profile] m7land character poster for the past few days, but haven't been able to concentrate on it much. We've all been waiting to hear about whether the president of our university would be extradited to Serbia on false accusations of war crimes. Not surprisingly, all charges were dropped and he returned home yesterday. The case had already been reviewed and dismissed by the Hague Tribunal, and now the UK judge in charge of the proceedings, a District Judge Timothy Workman, ruled the same, stating that: "These proceedings are brought and are being used for political purposes and as such amount to an abuse of process of this court." My colleagues who were present report that the Serbian prosecutors were dressed down by the judge for wasting the British taxpayers' time and money. The cost of the trial was estimated to be several hundred thousand pounds.

I finally finished the poster this evening, unfortunately too late to qualify for the challenge, so I'm posting it here instead. I created it to look somewhat like a movie poster, and I had to take screencaps myself, since there are very few good Nathan screencaps out there.

This is something I feel should be rectified, and once I find the time, I will try to upload at least some of the screencaps I took.
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The first one is the infamous "A gentleman does not debase himself by engagin' in menial labor." scene. Ezra P. sure enjoys his flask a lot more than working in the hot sun!

And the second one is based on the final scene from The New Law. It's one of my favorite (if not the favorite) scenes, with all of them walking together as one down the street.

ETA: This was posted during Three Weeks for Dreamwidth; since it's been three weeks, I'm crossposting this to LJ now for those who haven't seen it before. (And sorry for the deluge of posts today!)
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I kept saying I would start using Dreamwidth more, but never did. This seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. I'm trying out different things, some of which work great, others - not so much. I'm open to critique, and as always, feel free to take these graphics, use the pieces to make your own, just don't try to pass them off as yours.

The wallpaper is 1024x768, even though the layout makes it seem small. Right-click, and save as, and you'll get the full version. Enjoy Ezra P.!

ETA: This was posted during Three Weeks for Dreamwidth; since it's been three weeks, I'm crossposting this to LJ now for those who haven't seen it before. Another post coming right up after this one.


May. 11th, 2010 06:31 pm
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Come and join [ profile] m7land,
an interactive challenge community
for fans of The Magnificent Seven TV Series.


May. 11th, 2010 06:06 pm
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Come and join M7Land,
an interactive challenge community
for fans of The Magnificent Seven TV Series.

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[ profile] pezgirl7 just took part in the icons! meme, and prompted my trip down the memory lane when I saw on of her icons based on the behind-the-scenes photos of the regular and recurring actors.

I checked with Pez, and she said she doubted there would be any issues in uploading the photos to an LJ album, so I did:
Mag7 Behind the Scenes for those of you who haven't seen it before.
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Yep, I have finally posted them! Comments are welcome, feel free to download to your computers and share the Mag7 love.

The first one I called First Look, since it is about the first glimpse Vin and JOsiah have of Maude:

More after the cut... )


Mar. 15th, 2008 01:20 pm
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Hi there!

I'm sorry I've been away for so long, but things haven't been that great for me lately.  I was only able to make one new wallpaper - of Chaucer (and Ezra), no less! - and a variation of the Ezra DVD wallpaper. 

The credit for Chaucer's name goes to Kristin, and I've read so many NotTasha's stories with him in them that that's how I see him.  

The other one is, like I said, a variation of Ezra's wallpaper.  Since his was the first one I made, and since the other boys got nice quotes and little pictures at the bottom of the wallpaper, I thought I should rectify that oversight:

(PS - There's another one in the gallery, not much difference, just some extra text.  You will also find two more old ones of Ezra in "Serpents".)

Like always, comments are welcome!
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Here's another one of my fic-inspired wallpapers.  I made this one after reading an amazing story called Such Bold and Bloody Causes, written by Debra Hicks.  I would recommend it to any Mag7 fan, no matter whether your favorite is Ezra or any other Mag7 character. 

I hope you like it!

ETA: Since some of you wanted to read the story (and I of course had to forget to include the link!) I'm adding it now: Such Bold and Bloody Causes.
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Here's the promised Mag7 s2 cover.  I'm hoping somebody (nudge, nudge [personal profile] pezgirl7) will tell me whether there are any major difference between the UK and US versions.  Anybody?

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Well,  like I promised, here are the wallpapers of Vin: 

and Josiah:

Hope you'll like these two as much as you liked Ezra and Chris!

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These wallpapers were made using the stills I took from the second season of the Magnificent Seven.  A friend of mine went to the UK, and got them for me as a gift!

I don't know if the UK version is any different from the US version.  I think I read somewhere that the back of the DVD has a short sinopsis of each episode - that is absent on my DVD.  If there's someone who has the US version, I'd be willing to upload the scan and compare notes.

On to the wallpapers: I made two so far, one Ezra, and the other one Chris.  

So, here's Ezra:

and Chris:

So, are they cool or what? ;)

Oh, and BTW, there were people who were looking for the color version of that Ezra picture.  Well, here it is, so anybody who wants it, can take it and crop it.  

That's all, folks!
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I don't believe you guys ever saw this wallpaper, right?

It's something I made in honor of my three favorite shows: the Magnificent Seven, the Invisible Man and Star Trek in all of its various incarnations.

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I come bringing gifts, though they have nothing to do with Halloween.  I've been very busy, making wallpapers, and since I've neglected my darlin' Ezra in the past, this is my chance to rectify it. 

You'll find plenty of wallpapers in my journal, just follow the link and leave comments if you like them.

Much obliged!

Here's one that looks like a hardcover:

And one for all the Mary fans:

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Crossposted to the BrigaDears.

Here is another wallpaper in honor of Meg Tipper and her writing.  This one is for her Bonanza/Mag7 crossover, which I want to recommend to anyone who likes a good read.  My dad and I used to watch Bonanza together, so like Magnificent Seven, it holds a dear place in my heart.  It's not perfect, but I'm still learning.  Let me know what you think!


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