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Just look at this beauty:

It's a dual-screen netbook reminiscent of Microsoft's Courier. I want one! They're too darn expensive though. Read more about it on Toshiba's Libretto web page.
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Or at least something similar.

Kno Video "New" from David Straus on Vimeo.

Kno Reader

Sep. 28th, 2010 04:38 pm
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Wow. :lusts after this tablet:

There's a dual screen version too, but that's way too expensive:


Jun. 30th, 2010 07:29 pm
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I didn't tell you guys that I bit the bullet and ordered myself an e-reader!

It's a 6 inch device manufactured by Astak, with a slot for a 4GB SD card, 2 week battery life, and which can read 20 different e-book formats (honestly, why can't manufacturers agree on which format to support and ditch the rest?). It recently cut its price to below $200 - still not cheap, but I was starting to feel serious discomfort from reading on my computer screen: burning eyes, headaches, cramping in leg muscles (not to mention swelling!) I decided it was worth it.

They have a forum on MobileRead, and the man serving as the company representative is an absolute darling - he will go out of his way to help if you have any problem whatsoever, offer advice on how to get the best out of the device, and if all else fails, would get you in touch with tech support for guided help and/or shipping the device back for repairs/replacement.

It took a while to justify the purchase to myself, but since I said I'd start taking better care of myself, I figured this falls into that category. I can load a couple of SD cards with postgrad material, fics and maybe even some novels (I haven't actually read a book for a long, long time - most of my reading lately was academic, and fics, of course).

I still want one of the bigger tablets, like the Notion Ink Adam I posted about before, or maybe the new Asus Eee tablet which can apparently be used for drawing too (!!!). But that's a long way away, if I ever have enough money for two tech gadgets. ^_^
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In my ongoing quest to find a good, non-expensive ereader, I came across this post on the Hot Hardware website. An Asus representative gave them a walk through, and I like what I see. It has a fast screen refresh rate, as well as note-taking ability. The only thing I'm a bit worried about is the glare; I don't know whether this is because of the strong lights of the exhibition hall and should not be present in ordinary light and sunlight.

Two more Asus Tablet videos from YouTube can be found behind the cut )
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My fascination with e-book readers and tablet devices continues. I found yet another interesting one, this time more of a multifunction device then a dedicated e-reader. It's called ADAM, and it's manufactured by Notion Ink.

(Edited to add a longer video from SlashGear and put the whole thing behind the cut.)

NotionInk Adam... )
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I've been so depressed since my last post that I just spent some time just aimlessly link hopping to and from various sites, and came across some news about Microsoft's electronic journal/e-reader called Courier. It seems like a fabulous piece of technology for a designer, but it seems to also be valuable for anyone who needs to keep track of their projects. I imagine it will be extremely pricey, but I still want one.

Courier's user interface can be viewed here.

Courier in action:

The video is similar to an earlier one, but a lot more detailed, with more examples of what it could be used for. There's another video on the Engadget page (link above). I think [ profile] sharpes_hussy will be interested in this.
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