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So what's the etiquette of adding friends on Pottermore? Do you just accept any friend requests, or do you have to know the person sending the request? Since I'm new to the fandom, I don't really know anyone there, and have no way of connecting those usernames with the ones I'm familiar with. Anyone have ay experience with it? Or are there any of you I might know over there?


Sep. 10th, 2011 09:35 pm
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So I'm a recent Potter fan, having read the books and seen the movies only this year. I find the world fascinating, though there are things I don't like. _For the fun of it, I took part in the Magical Quill event and got accepted as site tester.

I got my acceptance letter today and have been exploring the site. Moments ago I was Sorted - into Slytherin. :) I find it interesting. What exactly is it about me that says Slytherin? Not that I'm complaining, I was actually interested in finding out more about the House which seemed so one-dimensional in the books. Surely thre must have been more to it than "all bad witches and wizards come from Slytherin". And I think Snape is a fascinating character.

:off to explore some more:
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