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So I have to take another chest x-ray tomorrow morning. My latest results came back, and they were not good, so my GP is sending me back to the pulmonary specialist. I don't have a fever, but I did start coughing again. I do not need this now. (>_<)

ETA Well, I went to see the pulmonary specialist, they took another couple of chest x-rays, and they didn't show any changes from the last set. My erythrocyte sedimentation levels were quite high (40, whereas normal levels are 10 or below), and there were other signs of a persistent inflammation. With no improvement on my x-rays, my doctor suspected that I might have what they call atypical pneumonia, and might be caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae. So, once they find out the cause of my pneumonia, they'll put me on another type of antibiotics. I will do those tests on Monday.
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So somehow, I ended up with pneumonia...


And I swear, I took god care of myself. I avoided iced drinks and ice cream because I know they play havoc with my system, I made sure to eat lots of vegtables and fruits, I wore appropriate clothes, and yet here I am, in bed, sick.

It started with a sinus infection, which is normal for me at this time of year, I'm sorry to say. I followed the advice given to me by my doctor closely, took my drops, drank plenty of teas, had soup, kept warm (my sis can confirm all of this), and the infection still went down to my lungs. It's a bummer because I was getting better, and went to work to invigilate two remedial exams.

I'm on antibiotics right now (not penicillin, since I'm allergic to it) ad my aunt's making some soup for me. I'm off work for the time being, and the semester starts on October first. This is the worst time for me to get so sick. At least I'm no longer running a fever (my sis says I rambled at times), but I'm still coughing a lot (my voice is so hoarse a friend of mine didn't recognize me when I answered the phone). I will have to schedule a chest x-ray next week and have my blood tested. Oh joy.

You guys know of any good home remedies I could try for the cough?
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