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I'm subscribed to newsletters sent out by several publishing houses and sometimes they include link to free ebooks in the newsletter. Today I received one such email, offering mostly first books in a series. Baen Books has been doing that for years, I believe, and the reasoning is that, if you offer the first book for free, readers might like it enough to buy the other books in a series.

Here's a link for you: Suvudu Free Library. It has a couple of Star Wars books, [ profile] kayim will probably be interested in those.

It's a very sound reasoning, except when you live where I live. I can't even begin to describe the trouble you go through if you want to buy something online, and you don't have a credit card, or your credit card is not one of the supported ones. If the seller doesn't accept any other form of payment, you're stuck with asking friends with an appropriate credit card to do some shopping for you, and you'll cover the expenses. But that gets old pretty quickly, and you run out of friends to ask. Meh.

[Maybe it's a good thing, I don't know, cause I'd probably spend all my pay on books. :) ]
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This rant is about a situation that's been bothering me about my website which is on Freewebs.  I've been trying to enable right-click for ages now, but nothing I tried works.  I made the website before joining LiveJournal, and though I haven't had the time to work on it more, it was my first foray into the realm of web presence. 

Before I start let me say that I love Freewebs.  In spite of some bumps along the way, it's been very easy to use.  Unfortunately, there've been some changes I do not like.

In fact, I hate the new Photo gallery.  It takes too much time to load, and when it finally does, the pictures are of a horrible quality.  You can see the pixelation quite clearly.  I thought not providing us with an option to ENABLE right-click on regular wallpapers page was an act of utter stupidity, but this comes close.

What do you do if you have a fanart site that depends on sharing pictures with others?  I didn't choose the option to disable right-click.  Freewebs did it for me.  I don't want it, I want to share, like the people whose brushes, textures and photos I used to create my fanart.  They gave others their permission to do so, just like I want to give my permission to take my artwork an use it any way they want.  If people really want to take something of yours, they'll find a way. 

I'm not saying that Freewebs should remove the option to disable right-click; on the contrary, they should keep it, but offer us an option to enable it if we want to.  All I'm saying is that it's our work, we should be allowed to do with it what we want.  Right?
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