Nov. 5th, 2011 11:16 pm
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Just finished baking all the cakes, and I'm now licking the dish I used to melt chocolate for glazing one of them...


Nov. 4th, 2011 11:39 pm
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So I'm home tonight, after spending a grueling ride home. I suffer from a serious case of motion sickness, and often feel sick to my stomach even after I get off the bus. The pills that used to help me are now manufactured without a protective film and are horribly bitter, and anything bitter immediately makes me throw up. So the drug that's supposed to prevent me from being sick sets off nausea.

I try to get around by riding in as close as I can to thr front of the bus, but tonight it was so crowded because everyone's traveling home for Eid that I ended up at the very back of the bus. It was torture - two and a half hours spent feeling nauses and trying not to get sick. I still haven't truly recovered.
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Especially if you need to learn things that are completely new to you. I am currently studying metadata.


Nov. 1st, 2011 09:06 pm
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I've had such bad luck with planning anything this year that I'm just going to just get going and see what happens. My wish is to post a piece of art every day, so we'll see if I manage to pull it through.

In celebration of that, here's my new icon, made just for NaBloPoMo!
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Heh, I just misread some numbers on a web site I was viewing, and soon after that some lines in a homework assignment I was correcting. I obviously need to stop staring at my computer screen and rest my eyes, perhaps even go to bed before 2 a.m.! :gasp:

ETA I forgot to crosspost the entry...
Alright, take two.
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Cowboys and Aliens:

Unfortunately, I have no one to see it woth. All my friends like chick flicks, and have attempted to drag me to the latest Julia Roberts movie. I have nothing against Julia Roberts, but she doesn't make me drool like this. I mean, seriously, cowboys? AND aliens? What can be more perfect than this??
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Hmm, LJ seems to be having some troubles - my last night's post didn't get cross posted, and I was unable to even access the website all day yesterday and today. Anyone else have any problems with it??


Nov. 15th, 2010 10:23 pm
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So tonight I decided to bake a cake for the festivities tomorrow. I chose a basic mixture, which can be easily embellished by adding different ingredients. You start with three eggs, and add 9 spoons of sugar, milk, vegetable oil, flour, a spoon of baking powder and choose between two spoons of cocoa, or ground nuts, or coconut, or poppy seeds, or... take a pick. You can then add chocolate cream, whipped cream, or pour some sherbet over it. Very tasty!

I mixed the batch, poured it into a pan, and it baked beautifully. But when I took it out, it seemed kind of... short. This thing usually rises quite a lot. I kept wondering what could the reason be... until I saw an unopened package of baking powder. Doh! Okay, I say. No matter, I won't offer this to the guests. We'll take a slice and a glass of milk and have it for breakfast. I'll make another one, and this time I'll use ground nuts (I had added cocoa to the last one).

So I prepare another mixture, this time making sure to add all the ingredients. I put it into the oven, at 200°C. I go upstairs to check my mail, because I'm expecting an important business-related e-mail. Unfortunately, the TV is on. And it's tuned into Discovery Science, where Morgan Freeman is hosting a cool show I had never seen before. In tonight's episode, they are talking about dark matter, and the creation of the Universe, and they're showing this cool simulator that has a creation model running, and I sit down to take a peek.


Half an hour later - I guess - my dad starts shouting "Something's burning!!"


I run downstairs, and sure enough - it's my cake. It didn't burn completely, just the top layer, but it's enough to make me wary of trying to make another one tonight.

So, how was your day?
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I'm no that good at following this "30 posts in November" deal, am I? Seems that most of my posts are last minute fill-ins. :) Got too many things going on at the same time, I guess.
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...with my entries. I have now developed a fear that I will not be able to finish them in time, since I have 40 tests to mark, deal with preparing everything for book orders for the next semester, and to finish some translation projects I'm working on. Clearly, I am insane for taking on so many projects at the same time...

Working on...

- my Mag7 Bingo entries.
- finished my entry for the Mag7 BigBang.

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