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I am REALLY starting to get pissed off at some American fans who keep bitching about some countries having the Avengers premiere in April. It's especially blatant on Tumblr. It's gotten to the point where they're posting offensive gifs and swearing at all those who dare to spoil them with photos or details from the movie, conveniently forgetting how in the vast majority of cases THEY are the ones who get movies early, THEY are the ones who get to see shows before the rest of us, and THEY are the ones who squee and post detailed reviews of episodes, justifying their actions with, "I'm not really spoiling if it's already out" or "It's just a movie, lol, why u mad?".

I am sick and tired of this behavior. The only thing you're accomplishing with this is making yourselves look like a bunch of spoiled brats. If you want to be treated respectfully you will have to do the same for others.
valiha: watercolor painting of my cat Lola (Default)
:hyperventilating over The Avengers trailer:

Loki! Thor's laugh!
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