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Working hard on finishing the renovation; we're all ded tired, and we may be coming down with a cold. It's no wonder, considering the crazy weather lately - unbearable heat followed by freezing cold, and all the cleaning we're doing. But it looks great, and the extra insulation will mean lower heating bills, and the walls are nice and white now and everything's clean and sparkly. No money for new furniture, unfortunately.

I've got my computer hooked up now, ad it's a new computer, bought just a month before the renovation started because my old one finally gave up the ghost. My monitor is also new - and huuuge! widescreen, and almost 23" - but it was an unexpected expense and I was happy with the old 19" one but it too broke down just days into the renovation :) and I was in the middle of a translation o_O. They only had models 22" and up, and I had to get one right away. It's great having a monitor that big, I must admit. Can't wait to see how movies look on it!
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Is there a way to stop bloody frickin' Facebook from asking to be set as home page every bloody time I log on?

I hate that shit so much. I'd delete the f***er if it weren't for family members who live abroad.

Well, hell

Apr. 25th, 2011 06:22 pm
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Connect LiveJournal to Windows Live

Share your LiveJournal activities on Windows Live with the people you choose. Updates appear in Messenger, Hotmail and the rest of Windows Live.

Express yourself, share your life, connect with friends online. Add LiveJournal to your profile and share your blog updates with the people you choose.
Terms of Service | Privacy | Support | Sign Up

Why do all these frickin' websites assume we all want to connect every bit of our lives online to our various profiles and personalities? I like to keep them separate, thank you very much, for various reasons.

And yes, I know, you can choose not to share, but it's the rising number of requests to connect this social service with that one and so on and so forth that sets my teeth on edge. </end rant>
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I want to read about awesome women, dammit!
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I just installed Semagic on my netbook and am trying to set it up so that I have both my Dreamwidth and my Livejournal account on it. I hope I adjusted the settings correctly - I guess we'll find out now.

BTW, if you make a mistake, is there a way to delete the wrong account? I couldn't find that setting enywhere.
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I need your help in finding something. There used to be a website where you could enter a story ID from, and it would download it for you either as a complete story, or as a zipped collection of all the chapters. I can't remember the name or url of the website, and there is a big, multchaptered fic I want to download to my reader. I could download each chapter individually, yes, but it would take a long time and I'd like to avoid that.

I'm aware there is a fanfic downloader program, but I'm not interested in anything I would have to install. Pretty please with a cherry on top??
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I love these signs! ♥

Afraid of his wife

Sane wife, fearful husband

and I adore the "but I'm afraid of spiders" sign in this slide show.
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I hate it with a passion! Anyone know of a good image search engine?
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OMG you guys! :glee: You should totally watch these girls! :jumps about madly: I was introduced to their awesomeness by a fellow ex-Yu person on Dreamwidth. :♥ her:

My burek brings all the boys to the yard!
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It's bad enough we are under geographical restrictions for books, movies and TV shows, now this:

Not only are international users prevented from uploading and sharing their photos with other, but they can't even view images posted by North Americans. What the hell is sooo speshul about North America that they feel entitled to restrict the rest of the world like this?! Screw you!

Working on...

- my Mag7 Bingo entries.
- finished my entry for the Mag7 BigBang.

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