Jul. 1st, 2017

I am done!

Jul. 1st, 2017 05:04 pm
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On June 1 I received my last chemotherapy.

:sigh of relief:

I think it's only today that it really hit me that I won't have to be going back there for more chemicals to be pumped through my veins (my poor veins!). This past month has been really crazy, with me falling ill several days after going home: my fever spiked at above 38°C, and lasted for a few days, but luckily there were no intestinal problems, which was a major issue the last time I experienced something similar.

I'm lucky in that my GP's office is located in the same neighborhood, just five minutes away, so I was monitored for any symptoms that would require me to be hospitalized again. It took a couple of weeks, but after that I was back on my feet.

I still feel achy all over; even going to the grocery store across the street leaves me tired and sore. I've also gone to work for a few hours last week, so that's also tiring, especially since it takes an hour to get there, and an hour to go back.

Next ween on Tuesday will me my first check-up; the results of the MRI, PET CT, the ultrasound and my bloodwork are all OK. The check-ups will be scheduled every three months for the next two years; after that they'll be scheduled for every six months. I've got to drink plenty of water - 2 - 2.5 liters every day minimum, eat a lot of vegetables, go to the mountains, and be more physically active (I was always hungry during the therapy when I wasn't sick and throwing up, so I gained a lot of weight - I thought it would be the opposite).

All that is going to be a problem because of finances: I am on sick leave, which means I get 80% of my pay, and I stopped working at my second job because it was a night shift and after a while I just couldn't keep up any more. Still had to pay back my loan every month, and I have 13 more years before I own my apartment. I will definitely have to find some additional work to help wit the expenses.

I also restarted working on my postgraduate thesis - I tried to keep up during the therapy, but I couldn't keep up. I'd often start reading a page, and would have to go back several times because I couldn't follow what was being said. Luckily I had spoken with my mentor and she said I should concentrate on getting my health back together and that we'll talk again after I was finished with my therapy.

We met on Thursday, and spoke at length about what I need to do and what to focus on; I still feel like this is a huge project, especially since my BA was in another field and I had to catch up a lot to be able to do this (it still feels like there are huge gaps in my knowledge that I have to fill). But at least things are clearer, and seem a little more manageable. I have to send in the first draft of the first part of the thesis on July 20, so I hope the deadline will help me focus.

But here's hoping that it will all turn out fine in the future :)
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So anyone else have any issues with Photobucket breaking your img links?

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:sigh: My poor Dreamwith... I think I'll have to change my theme, at least until I manage to upload my images to another host. But most of them don't seem to fit... :goes back to searching:
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